Kinpack the natural choice
for your soils health

KINPACK is a general all round fertiliser, suitable for both vegetable and flower gardens.

KINPACK can be used throughout the year, dug or hoed into the soil, sprinkled around the plants, or applied in liquid form.

KINPACK is an extremely good soil conditioner. All soils become much easier to work with so the results and benefits are long term.

Powdered sheep manure.

About Kinpack

KINPACK fertiliser is produced from sheep daggings and machine blended, resulting in a consistent powdered natural fertiliser. Nothing is added during the crushing or bagging process.

KINPACK powdered sheep manure retains a small portion of wool fibre. This has been retained on purpose as it is a great plant food as well as retaining moisture for a long time.
















Quality, Value & Performance ...

Add KINPACK to your compost to accelerate decomposition, microbial and worm activity.
This is a very popular method with great results.

KINPACK is extremely effective as a liquid fertiliser, again another very popular method
with excellent results.  Refer to the "Tips" link.

KINPACK offers your plants a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorous,
and potassium - 3 very important ingredients.

General Garden Application

The suggested rate of application is:
1 to 3 kgs/sq. metre (poorer soils will require the greater application rate).
To achieve maximium growth we suggest applying KINPACK and then lightly watering
before digging or hoeing in.

Our bagging line.